T. KAZAMA, Dr. Eng.

FAX : + 81 - 143 - ....

E-mail: kazama @ mmm . muroran-it . ac . jp.

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Joint Symposia between Muroran Institute of Technology and Chiang Mai University
7th... MIER2020 (postponed)
6th... MIER2019 (July, 3-5, Muroran)
5th... MIER2017 (Nov. 16-18, Chiang Mai)
4th... MIER2015 (May. 29-30, Muroran)
3rd... MIER2013 (Nov. 14-17, Chiang Mai)
2nd... MIER2012 (Jan. 11-12, Muroran, Noboribetsu)
1st...TJIEME-CMU-MuroranIT-2010 (Nov. 22-23, Chiang Mai)

Research Fields:
Hydraulics (in Fluid Power Engineering)
Lubrication (in Tribology)
Cavitation & Erosion (in Fluid Mechanics)
Optimum Design (in Machine Design)

Research Subjects:
Mixed Lubrication
Hydrostatic Bearings
Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication (EHL)
Bearing Design
Cavitation Erosion

Teaching (Classes charged, FYI):
Advanced Design of Mechanical Systems (G)
Advanced Tribology (G)
Undergraduate Research I & II (UG4)
Fluid Power Systems (UG4)
Design of Mechanical Systems (UG3)
Exercises in Mechano-Informatics (UG3)
Mechano-Informatics Laboratory (UG3)
Seminar A/B in Mechanical Systems Engineering (UG3)
Seminar in Mechanical Systems Engineering (UG3)
Fluid Mechanics II (UG2)
Exercises in Fluid Mechanics (UG2)
Mechanical Engineering Drawing I, II (UG2)
Basics of Robotics (UG1)

Links :
University of Leeds, UK ( Tribology )
University of Bath ( Power Transmission & Motion Control )
Texas A&M University, USA ( Tribology )
Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil ( Mechanical Engineering )
City University of Hong Kong ( Mechanical Engineering )
City University of London ( Centre for Positive Displacement Compressor Technology )
Chiang Mai University, Thailand ( Engineering )